If you decide to build your own solar panels, I would highly recommend you get a guide to help you. Two well-reputed solar DIY guides on the internet are Green solar power inverter Energy and Home Made Energy. (Don't be scared by their cruddy sales-style websites.) These do-it-yourself panels generate anywhere from 60 W - 120 W of energy. Total cost including hardware and materials should be less than $200. For the price, this is the very best deal around.

However, if you don't want to take the time to buy a DIY guide and decide to save time and effort by buying a commercial-grade solar panel, it will cost you a lot more. The price for a 75 W panel will run about $300.


You can link together your pure sine wave inverter solar panels. So for example, if you build a panel that builds 60 W of energy, you can link this with two more similar panels and generate 180 W of energy.