There are two ways to access solar power ltd: purchasing in the open market and accepting international aid. Compute the cost for a simple solar photovoltaic system. More than 90% of photovoltaic systems are based on silicon materials. And the solar power system should be connected to the electricity grid with the help of a device called an inverter. The system also needs batteries to store surplus energy. In addition, an electronic charge controller to prevent the batteries from overcharging is necessary. All of these components are pricey.

So the cost of producing and installation of solar charge controller inverter system is a main problem for these poor countries. In the case of poverty countries, now they have to develop the solar power systems through international aids. A wide range of aid models are in operation now. Organizations and some funders like the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation sponsor solar PV projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Those donating projects are mainly dedicated to improve health, education and livelihoods.