The next question that arises, is the cost of the autumn solar controller panels? The solar panel price depends on whether they are self made or purchased. The self made solar panels are cheap and they can be conveniently manufactured at home by following a simple step by step solar panel kit guide. These kits are very informative with audio and visual aids and they also provide information to the person from where to purchase the equipment and materials needed for building the kit. These self made solar panels can be manufactured for as little as $200. For those who do not have time they can opt for the pre made solar panels that whose solar panel prices depend on the amount of solar energy that is required. After calculating the amount of solar energy that is required by referring to the above mentioned method one can purchase a single, medium or large solar panel.


The single solar on grid inverter panel costs somewhere around $900 in total or it can be approx $12 per Watt. For high energy efficiency houses, a medium solar panel will cost around $25, 000 and for large houses the cost of a solar panel will be over $50, 000. There are many people who are not aware of the fact that there are many federal, state and local tax rebates, credits and incentives that are available for reducing solar panel prices. These incentives can help a person save up to half the prices of a solar power set up. Each State government provides for these facilities and needs to check the State websites and refer to them for more specific details.