The most obvious place to have low frequency sine wave generator solar powered products is in the garden. If you have a pool, a solar pool cover is a perfect way to keep the pool water warm and prevent water evaporation. Solar pool covers are an example of passive solar power, in that they trap the sun's energy and use it to heat the water. The energy isn't converted but simply used.

Many ponds and fountains, particularly bird bath fountains can be powered by a solar cell. The solar cell will be used to charge a battery that then powers the water in the fountain. A heater can be added to the process so that the water never freezes in winter and the birds can still use it.

Garden lighting can also be powered by low frequency inverter solar panels placed into the design of the lights. The most popular form of solar lighting is the guide lights that can be used to illuminate pathways or driveways. They charge up during the day and then provide light to a darkened path in the garden. They are simple to install. Simply plant them into the ground and that's it. The simplicity of installation and the saving on electricity bills is a major benefit of solar lighting.