The cost of making charge controller inverter PV cells and solar panels (modules) has been decreasing recently with the development of new manufacturing techniques. These are widely used to provide power for remote stand-alone structures such as lighthouses and radio towers, and for heat and lighting in developing countries. The use of solar panels to supply energy for home use is increasing in developed countries as well, and many governments are encouraging their use by providing financial incentives to those who install solar panels for their residences. In addition, improvements in the process of constructing solar panels is now making it much easier for people to build their own, at a dramatic cost saving over commercial panels. It is now quite feasible for a homeowner to save a great deal on electricity by building and installing their own solar panels.

These are three top things to know before you start building your own solar power system. While solar power is a great source of renewable energy, it also naturally has its cons. Which will prevail? Find out below:

Pro for Solar Power Systems

autumn solar controller energy is completely renewable. Once you set it up, the solar panels generate you free electricity for tens of years to come. This is perfect regardless of whether you are simply looking to supplement your conventional power source, become completely independent in your energy needs, or even sell electricity back to the power company.