At the outset, the concept of solar power inverter energy carried with it many negatives.  It was not well received by society here in the US and was mostly viewed as a fad that was created by "bleeding-heart Liberals and Tree-Huggers" trying to save the environment.  Today, many people are regretting that they didn't pay attention 40 years ago when the concepts of alternative, renewable, and sustainable energy was being discussed.  Based on the state of the current global environment, solar is anything but a fad and is now a borderline necessity where that atmosphere and eco-friendly issues are concerned.

Here are some facts to consider about solar power:

o    The solar panel watt which is referred to in kilowatts is the standard unit of solar energy measurement, a kilowatt being equivalent to 1,000 watts of power

o    The sun's heat the basis for providing solar thermal energy

o    Photovoltaic (PV) technologies convert sunlight into electricity

o    Electricity can also be generated by creating the steam power produced by generators which employ solar thermal technologies

o    Using solar energy eliminates greenhouse gas emissions

More facts about Solar Energy

o    In 1990, an airplane powered by solar energy flew coast to coast in the United States

o    Leonardo da Vinci designed plans for constructing a solar power converter during the 15th century

o    The earth is provided with enough energy from the sun in only 60 minutes to satiate global consumption for entire year


o    Solar pure sine wave inverter energy provides businesses and homes with ample indoor and outdoor lighting and can heat swimming pools, as well as power vehicles and/or small appliances