While at first it may seem an easy task, selecting solar panels for your home can be a challenge because new research and new strategies are being adopted very quickly that change the way that mppt solar charge controller panels are made and installed. This means that if your project is going to take up to three months to complete, the solar panels that you select at the beginning of the project may not be the most appropriate panels for your home at the end of the project. This is another reason to give the project to a certified and licensed solar energy contractor who will be able to alert you when changes or modifications need to be made to your home or the equipment that you are installing.

The cost of energy is rising, and even though Obama has plans to incorporate use of the giant windmills in the "Wind Corridor", it will still be a while before this is a reality. Even when we are at that point, we will end up having to pay someone else for the electricity to power our homes, and the prices just keep going up!


Did you know that, just like corporations, we as private citizens have the same opportunity to get rebates and tax credits for employing alternative energy sources, like homemade solar panels? But who knows how to construct a homemade hybrid solar inverter and link many together to harness the sun's energy for our everyday needs?