This is also confirmed with the behavior of equity prices. With all time highs, most of these stocks fell by as much as 50 per cent at one time. These are extremely volatile and may not be suitable for majority of investors.

It is also opined that there are many other high growth companies in which investors can put their incomes. There is no need to risk one's money in these risky stocks.

Many solar stocks like must power inverter and First Solar raised several fold during 2007 alone. Because of the greed involved in stock markets, many investors tend to get attracted and ultimately lose their money.

Most of these companies are china based. We may not be sure of the final valuations of their businesses.

The Bright Side

However, all is not gloomy with solar stocks. Solar fct terminal companies have billions of long term contacts, they have bright guidance, they are backed by their national governments and in some countries there is plenty of sunshine available, ready for exploitation.