Different ways of using residential mppt solar charge controller circuit

There are two main ways of using residential solar power. The first is to use a simple heat transfer system to heat swimming pools. The second is to use photovoltaic solar panel technology for immediate electricity generation. Photovoltaic products can be integrated into buildings in solutions such as solar roof shingles or facades for homes that are made of opaque glass. This becomes assimilated into the construction process of the building. The double benefit is the cost effectiveness and a pleasing design aspect. These solutions are now changing the face of residential construction in many U.S. towns and cities. The same is true for a number of different parts of the world as well. The building integration market for these solutions is growing rapidly by some 30 percent to 35 percent per annum.


Since the last decade when modified inverter solar panel homes were very much a rarity in any large U.S. city, today more than 10000 homes in any average U.S. city derive their power from solar energy alone, while some 200000 residential areas have photovoltaic generating systems installed in them. The isolated residences that do not have connections to the national power grid are prime examples of this use of solar power generation.