1) Increase your property value. Solar low frequency inverter systems add to you property value in the sense that it is an asset that is in demand. According to realtors, solar panel systems tremendously ads value to your home and increases its ability to be sold.

2) dc to ac inverter solar energy is renewable and essentially free. Once you have your panels up and running your cost for producing that electricity is free. Amazon.com has solar panels ranging in price from $1000 to over $7000. With that type of investment it could take several years for your equipment to pay it self. However, a DIY solar panel kit will cost around $200, making your initial investment paid much faster.

3) Make money from your solar power system. For all you non-believers let it be known that it is possible to make money from solar energy. Sell your excess energy right back to the Power Company and they will send you a check every month. This makes it possible to even sell energy to your neighbors.