In a lot of states in the US and other countries, you will get rebates when you let a qualified solar contractor install your monocrystalline silicon solar panels system. In California you get back $2.60 for every watt that you buy, in Colorado you get $4.50 back and in New Jersey you get also $4.50 back. That means that in Colorado you receive about half of that money back and in California about a third of that money. Conclusion: depending on where you live, you will have to pay $15.000-$20.000 to have yourself a solar system on your roof that will lessen your electricity bill with about 80%.


Unfortunately, $15.000 is still a very high sum and the payback time will be about 8 years when you save 80% or $2.000. The alternative to professionally installed solar is to do it yourself. Building a do it yourself solar system is not hard at all since there are some great manuals which explain to you in great detail what you have to do. Though you won´t be able to ask for the state incentives, nor will you receive the 20 years warranty that panel contractors provide, however you will get a solar power installation up and running at a fraction of the costs (for as low as $200 you can make yourself polycrystalline solar panel) and achieve a payback time of less than a year.